Hapa Collaborative: The Futurists Of Vancouver

Hapa Collaborative: The Futurists Of Vancouver

When the future designers of Vancouver came knocking, we answered!  

Hapa Collaborative is a Vancouver-based landscape architecture and design firm grounded in the strong belief that blending different backgrounds and types of people creates magic. They draw inspiration from many cultures, art forms, and natural elements to create spaces like the recent Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza. They quite literally design new futures for spaces across the Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island.

The Design Problem.

This small and mighty team had a problem they were unfamiliar with solving – a rarity for them. Following a few people changes over the last year, the team felt slightly uprooted and there was concern about the shift in company culture. They were hungry to get the team re-aligned and their leadership upgraded.

The Start Line: Training Their Leaders.

After a conversation with Matt, the Hapsters elected to have their Project Managers go through the Manager Start Line training program. Even though they didn’t have direct reports, they were key leaders of multi-faceted projects and needed to influence and communicate with people internally within the firm as well as the number of stakeholders involved in each project.

Hapa’s Founder, Joe, also started one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with Matt so that he too would progress his leadership.

“A huge thing that came out of the Manager Start Line was learning the difference between responsive and reactive listening and how that impacted our team communication. It was also a driver that led to a workshop we held that came out of the MSL.” – Glenis Canete, Landscape Architect at Hapa Collaborative

Building Your Own Capacity

Glenis and Laura, two of the leaders enrolled in the Manager Start Line, reached out to Matt mid-way through the program looking for more support. “How do we get more of our staff aligned to this way of thinking?”

Using the resources provided and learning garnered through the program, Matt helped Glenis see how she could lead the conversation around creating a team alliance – a collaborative agreement that helps clarify and restore a team’s commitment to the work they are in and to each other. Instead of bringing Matt in, Glenis, Laura, and three others enrolled in MSL led the session.

The team was incredibly receptive to the questions and opportunity for an informal open discussion. Actionable plans started to unravel like holding a weekly Thursday afternoon project update session led by a different team member every time.

Not only was this session meaningful for the team, it was also cost-saving for Hapa.

Creating A New Future For Hapa

After the success of their self-led workshop, Matt joined the Hapsters to lead them through a half-day session to map out the different futures they could be living into over the next 10 years.

By having each team member individually define their values and strengths, the Hapsters were able to create their chosen future for Hapa Collaborative together. For a team that professionally envisions and constructs new spaces and places, they were able to see how they can do that same thing with their own lives – create something that has never been created before.

“To encourage our group of talented and passionate people to think big and with vision requires someone who can set the table and allow the discussion to progress from a good place to an even better outcome. It was quite masterful, fun to watch and participate in, and exciting to be the beneficiary of that work.” – Joseph Fry, Principal at Hapa Collaborative

What’s next?

The Hapsters left the session with new personal commitments on how to bring their shared vision to life. Because a vision is great, yet action is what generates results. And the best time to act is now!

We’ve loved working with Hapa Collaborative and look forward to many more opportunities to help them live into their commitment of a working with a strong and thriving team.

Meet Matt. He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

Matt Corker

Meet Matt. He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

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