People don’t leave jobs. They leave managers.

Our comprehensive training program helps your people managers manage themselves, manage their teams, and drive organizational results.

+ 12 online modules that teach you the best techniques and practices.

+ Flexible start times that allow you to start whenever and wherever.

+ E-learning platform that scales to your growing business without the additional cost to your bottom-line.

Why The Manager Start Line Program?


This self-paced program can be started at anytime, anywhere in the world to match your hiring and training schedules.


Expert insight and proven practices have been selectively brought together to bring the best content to you in 12 different modules.

Cost Saving

Create a consistent leadership language across departments and geographies without the additional strain on internal resources

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A Learning Format to Meet Your Needs


Take all 12 modules online at your own pace. Train your team together, wherever they are in the world.

In-Person / Blended Learning

Face-to-face learning still has its time and place. The Manager Start Line curriculum can be delivered partially or fully in person.

Online Coach Supported

Join Matt Corker as he takes you through the online program. Enjoy the flexibility of online training, with the added accountability of a coach.

Custom Experience  

Have an offsite or team outing you’d like to incorporate manager training into? We work with you to customize the learning experience to the timeframe and learning outcomes you are looking for.  

Meet Matt

He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

Matt is the man everyone wants to lead their team. He has worked across multiple sectors both public and private, using his special knack for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter, every time. You can count on him to do whatever it takes, with love and enthusiasm.
Before creating the Manager Start Line, he completed his MBA in Copenhagen and would say he finished his degree a few months later at a yoga teacher training in Bali. He also has some great tales of writing his first book called “Getting Over The Rainbow”.


  Start Date: Ongoing*

  Course-Type: Self-paced

  Duration: 12 weeks

  Commitment: 40-60 min/week

Track 1: Managing Me

These three modules are designed to help people managers understand how their own behaviours and perspectives play an important role as a leader.

Module 1- Taking Responsibility:

Gain understanding of the responsibilities managers have to themselves, their team and their organization.

Module 2 – Manager Mindset:

Recognize the key components of the manager mindset: thinking, communicating and showing up.

Module 3 – Energy Management:

Identify and make key changes to personal routines that allow managers to show up powerfully every hour of the day.

Track 2: Managing My Team

These five modules are designed to enhance a manager’s understanding of the core competencies of a people manager.

Module 1 – Setting Goals + Expectations:

Understand methods of goal and expectation setting to assist in strategy planning and performance management.

Module 2 – Managing Workflow:

Gain the skills necessary to drive multiple projects forward at the same time.

Module 3 – Giving Feedback + Recognition:

Develop strategies to give people constant guidance and praise for their performance.

Module 4 – Talent Lifecycle:

Learn about the talent lifecycle to be able to identify and cultivate top talent within their organization in order to build a talent pipeline.

Module 5 – Courageous Conversations:

Develop techniques for having difficult conversations and diffusing conflicts.

Track 3: Driving Organizational Results

These four tracks help people managers lead teams and influence others in a way that actually drive results for the business.

Module 1 – Intrapreneurship:

Learn techniques for innovating and creating within a corporate structure.

Module 2 – Managing Projects:

Learn new strategies that allow managers to manage projects without being on the project team.

Module 3 – Managing Other People:

Develop communication techniques for communicating with other members of their organization to ensure alignment with corporate strategy.

Module 4 – Managing Metrics:

Understand the key financial and people-based metrics that can help managers run sustainable businesses.

BONUS Module for the learner’s manager

We know that having a learner’s direct supervisor engaged in the development process is key to the success of any training. This module is designed for the supervisor of the manager going through the three tracks previously listed.

In this one-time module, the supervisor will get an overview of the curriculum their direct report will go through and a methodology they can use to ensure their employee gets the most from the experience of this training. This ensures the benefits of the training live on past program completion.

*Users have a maximum 12 months from the first day the course has been accessed
  • Manager Program

  • $750/Person
  • For individuals

    • Get online access for 12-months. Includes an optional Supervisor Module for your manager to help them help you as you learn.

  • Enterprise Program

  • $675/Person
  • For teams and organizations

    • Set a new managerial standard by buying for 20+ people and reap the financial benefits of scalable training.

  • The Future Is Female

  • $525/Person
  • Option for organizations with female CEOs or gender-balanced executive teams.

    • When women lead, everyone wins.

We’re giving back.


One Girl Can is a non-profit on a mission to break the poverty and gender inequality cycle in Kenya and Uganda by empowering girls through education. Through building schools, giving scholarships, and providing mentorship, they work with these young girls from the time they leave primary school until they find work that has meaning. We’re proud to donate 10% of the Manager Start Line Training Program sales to help make a difference in their lives.


“Investing in girls’ education may well be the highest return investment in the developing world.” – World Bank

Want to know how you can transform your leaders with this training?

As growing interactive game studio, Blackbird knew it needed to find an impactful leadership training that would resonate with both their engineers and creative team. Team Corker created a custom experience based off the Manager Start Line – which quickly turned development skeptics into raving fans.

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