#100 — Beginner’s mind and Beyonce w/ James Cormie




James and Steph became fast friends in December on the last bus travelling to the start line of the California International Marathon. The duo chat about what it’s like to run your first marathon when things don’t go to plan, how to deal with contradictory advice, and why it’s beneficial to start something new without the context of what everyone else is doing.  


James is a lawyer currently living in L.A. and was told as a teenager that he would never be able to run a marathon. Despite time and physical barriers, he persisted and accomplished something he is proud of. With his first marathon in the books, James can’t wait for #2 in 2020, just before his new baby arrives in the spring.   


Tune in to hear about the joys of being a beginner, and why it’s okay to not always do what you “should” be doing.


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