#101 — Self-discovery and artificial intelligence w/ Ed Blunderfield





Ed, Founder of Open Dialogue, long-time friend of the Corkers, and DisruptHR 2019 speaker, joins Steph at the mic this week. Ed spends his days creating space for people to explore and get to know themselves. Ed explains Open Dialogue as a “blending of human led coaching with a piece of technology — an artificially intelligent chat-bot, that you can chat with kind of like a human, and it just listens and interprets what you are saying. It then responds to you with questions and prompts and guides you through a self-reflective process”. Ed explains that the AI isn’t meant to replace humans, but rather act as a mirror to highlight our own humanness. His goal with Open Dialogue is to keep us in a state of contemplation longer and more often. 


Ed and Steph dive into how his business was born from burnout, how his path to self-discovery was sparked by a 90’s computer program, and what it’s like working with family. 


When Ed isn’t driving his company forward, he is a passionate kite surfer. Listen in to hear why hobbies and interests outside of work matter, and why it’s okay to satisfy the longing to try something playful and new, even as an adult. 

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