#102 — Hustling and hiking w/ Taryn Eyton





Taryn Eyton, the human behind the instagram @happiestoutdoors, joins Steph on the pod this week to talk transitioning careers, the hustle of doing what you love, and the importance of acknowledging the barriers many communities have to getting outdoors. 


Taryn followed a traditional career path, studying geography, and then earning a law degree. She found herself working inside all day, feeling depressed and unfulfilled. Despite living a life she now loves, Tarynn honestly describes her departure from working in law, and why is wasn’t without difficulty and feelings of regret; 

“The reality for me, and the reality for a lot of people, is that it was really hard. It was really hard to know when to make that decision, to know if it was the right decision, to know if it was actually a thing that was going to make me happy. To know if I had sunk too much of my life and my money and my energy into something — could I just leave it?” 


But despite hustling to make it work, Taryn knows she made the right move;

“You have to do what you love because then you will feel okay about working hard to do it”. 


Taryn is in the process of writing a guide book about backpacking near Vancouver. The five year process has been a labour of love, with a focus on outdoor ethics and how the book can help hikers ‘leave no trace’. 


Listen in to hear Taryn’s favourite hike near Vancouver, what snacks she packs to fuel her adventures, and how she hopes to elevate her business in the next 5 years. 

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