#103 — Connection and Kundalini w/ Marika Richoz









Marika is a personal and private chef and Kundalini yoga teacher. A rebel at heart, Marika got her start after visiting an underground restaurant and falling in love with the experience. A lover of food and dinner parties, Marika decided to start her own underground restaurant in Vancouver, bringing people into her home and connecting over food. 


“Cooking for other people is more satisfying that just cooking for yourself”. 


When Marika discovered kundalini yoga, she committed fully – quickly moving from student to teacher.

“It is the thing I can hold onto when I’m having a bad day, or super anxious or stressed out”. Yoga became Marika’s life-raft, and she was eager to share that with others. 


Listen in to hear how Marika stays in a place or curiosity, her daily rituals to be grounded, and how she deals with procrastination as a creative entrepreneur. 


Into the Wind



Are you spending time putting out fires, battening down hatches, and being slowed down by strong winds that are blowing you off course?

Now’s the time to press pause. Join us for Into The Wind, a leadership intensive for leaders who often forget to develop themselves and invest in their own vessel. You do a lot for your team and you do a lot for your business. Take the opportunity to develop yourself outside of the boardroom.

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