#104 — Love First, The Rest Will Follow w/ Lorie Corcuera







Lorie and Matt are at the mic this week to talk all things love, acceptance, and company culture. Lorie is co-founder and CEO of Spark Creations, with a mission to bring more love and compassion into the workplace. Lorie works with teams and individuals to create company cultures that allow humans to feel more loved and included in the workplace. 


She began her personal journey 10 years ago, which led to her facilitation of women’s retreats. The feedback she received was that the conversation and connections that were happening on the retreats, are needed in the workplace. Lorie left her career, and began her work on bringing love into company culture.


Lorie’s heart-beat-inducing project is her book: Love First, The Rest Will Follow. Her hope for the book is that it will leave the reader feeling more connected to their true love, themself. 


Listen in to hear why it is important to bring your whole self to work and why intention matters. 


“If people loved and had radical acceptance of who they are and they lived from a place of pure love, they can then share that love with others”  


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