#77 — Disrupt HR YVR 8.0 review + reflection w/ Matt + Steph

#TeamCorker has been working hard behind the scenes for the last few months to put on our largest annual event. We bring together 400 people at Science World here in Vancouver to talk about the future of work and how we can disrupt the status quo. Matt and Steph sat down at the mic to reflect on this years event, to discuss the ways we decided to disrupt how events in the city are usually run, and to highlight some of the truth bombs dropped from the stage by our incredible speakers. We love being the ones to host this conversation, and this event is our way to give back to the HR community and beyond. We choose to open up the speaker applications for Disrupt HR YVR, allowing us to highlight some of the visible and invisible diversities that exist amongst the thought leaders of HR. As a result, our speakers weren’t chosen because of their title, or role, or their relationship to the Corker Collective, it was about selecting an idea that made our hearts beat faster.

This year’s incredible line up included:

1. Urszula Lipsztajn | @urszulalipsztajn
2. Tru Wilson
3. Gavin Dew | @gavindew
4. Saleema Chaudhry
5. Kelsy Trigg + Darryl Stickel | @kelsytrigg
6. Kevin Rutherford | @clean_lantern
7. Emma Bradford | @emmagracebradford
8. Jodi Rai | @heyhumantis
9. Ed Blunderfield | @iamedwardmjb
10. Seth Godin! | @sethgodin

Power Panel: Jessica O’Dowd, Cobie Klein Damsel, Paulina Cameron, Colin Pal

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