The Now What


The Now What is a 7 day program designed for people who quit their job, lost their job, or want a new job. 

You may be super clear on what you’d like your next job to be or you might not have a clue.

You may be really stuck in the thought pattern around “I hate my job, yet I need to pay rent.” — both of those things might be true; we can help.

You may have lost your job (for a variety of reasons, because this happens!) and are feeling frustrated, hopeless or even lacking confidence in where to go next; we’ve got you!

Registration is open.// The Course begins March 10 and will wrap on March 16 // Registration closes March 6 @ 5pm PST

Geographically, you can be anywhere in the world because we are all people of Mother Earth. We are not stuck in roots in the ground. We can move or we can remain still; you choose. This program will be facilitated online for 7 consecutive days. Each morning at 6AM PST you will receive the day’s learnings — a video and a worksheet via email. The goal is that you complete each day of learning before you go to bed. (Though we are adults and this is self-guided, you can do this at your own pace. However, if you can be a part of the peleton, why not ride together, right?!)

This program is people centric, but not for everyone. Ideally, you will have at least 5 years of career experience, though it doesn’t mean it has been in the career of your greatest desire.  You have enough experience as an adult to know what you want and what you don’t want in life.

The purpose of this speedy program is to remind you that time is of the essence. You might be lost; keep going. If you are bored; do something about it! If your ego has been tapped and you are feeling a little sad around the edges — we feel you. It’s okay. But the horse is waiting for you to get up up and on your way!

In this program, we will cover:

  • Getting super clear on what you are after and what matters most to you in your next role. (Spoiler: recruiters LOVE this!) #clarityisking
  • The basics of a writing a winning resume, why not to write a cover letter and nailing your linkedin profile.
  • The definitely do’s and most definitely do not’s of an interview.
  • Tips and tricks on networking, online and offline (for introverts too!).
  • The power of negotiating
  • Bonus #truthbombs straight from TeamCorker

You will finish this program and be in action. You will get out of “I don’t know” and into “what I know for sure”. You will have the most fun articulating your next chapter and the dreaded job search will become so less dreaded!

Why take this course?

  • Because we are seriously obsessed recruiters. We live and breathe on linkedin; we are speaking with CEOs and hiring managers all day long; we have interviewed *actually* 100s of humans. And we’d love to set more awesome candidates up to be the chosen ones.

What this course is not:

  • A guaranteed new job.
  • Someone to hold your hand to write your resume (though we do have great resources for you!).
  • Life coaching (we totally have referrals!), career counselling (because Steph isn’t a counsellor!) or therapy (definitely not; yet we highly endorse having a therapist on speed dial!).

Cost: $175

Ready? Set? Let’s Go! REGISTER HERE.


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