#40: They, Them, Theirs: Why Your Business Needs Inclusion Consulting with Jessie Nelson, Founder of KITH+Common


Getting Uncorked today is Jessie Nelson, Founder of KITH+Common, providing inclusion consulting to businesses to bring inclusive practices to life. Steph has dubbed them the Vancouver Mayor of Connection and they’re on the mic sharing their experiences of a misaligned ad campaign with the real life experience at Equinox, working at lululemon and starting a conversation about the difference between gender identity and gender expression, and their work impacting businesses in the world of diversity and inclusion.


PS. They’re heading to the 6 to hold a diversity and inclusion workshop on Oct 3! Drake, if you’re listening, you’re invited.



Check out Jessie’s business and work being an Inclusion Consultant through KITH+Common


Here’s their workshop in Toronto, Diversity + Inclusion: Tools for a More Inclusive Workplace


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