#46 – How to Get Over Seasonal Affective Disorder with Matt + Steph

It may be dark and stormy with the seasonal changes, but that doesn’t mean your mood needs to be darker! In this episode of Uncorked, Matt and Steph are sharing their top tips for how they deal with the weather affecting their moods. Here’s a snippet: distinguish what your body needs vs what it’s craving, manage your energy vs your time, and discover how to do your regular day-to-day activities differently. Tune in to hear more!

Things we give a shout out to:

+ Steph is in love with her “sunshine lamp” for that hit of Vitamin D

+ Matt is the proud owner of a Kinto Travel Tumbler so he isn’t such an Earth Jerk

+ the amazing Eliud Kipchoge is a source of inspo for Steph’s run-in-the-rain run club aka The Kipchoge Run Club

+ personal training sessions at Movement108 and classes at TurF to sweat inside – if you aren’t heading to Bali with The Sacred Fig yoga teacher training

+ Brene Brown’s amazing book “Daring Greatly

+ the most adorable and incredible solution for workforce management: the adopt-a-sewer program in Vancouver


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