# 48 — Using Choice to Turn Noes into Yeses with Cynthia Vuchev, General Manager of SoulCycle Canada

“I believe if you pressure people to do what they don’t want to do, if you make them feel guilty and tell them that they should do things, then they don’t do them, and they actually do the opposite. If you respect their decisions and give them time to settle with what you have requested, or asked, or what you have put on the table, they often become more open and can make the choice for themselves”

For Cynthia Vuchev, it took one yoga class, one early morning run, and one documentary to change her life. On the mic with Steph today, she shares the biggest transformation she’s experienced, how she wants to make a difference, and how giving people (like her husband) choice, gives them the space to do things they never thought possible.

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