# 49 — The Team Corker (Re)Treat Wrap Up

“What do you want in your life, and what do you want to create with your life?”

Team Corker is no stranger to intentionally looking back and planning ahead. In this episode of Uncorked, Matt and Steph share the questions they ask themselves as the year comes to a close — giving tips on how they reflect to keep improving and growing, and what they do in order to plan for the future of The Corker Co.


Re(Treat) Questions:


1. Where did I thrive?
2. Where did I struggle?
3. Who was important in my life + why?
4. What lesson am I grateful for learning this year?
5. Where and how was I courageous?
6. What brought me joy?
7. How did I treat my body? my spirit? my heart? my mind?
8. How did I show up for the people I care about?
9. Which situations triggered fear + discomfort? Was I able to move through them? How or why not?
10. What habits served me well? Which didn’t?

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