5 Things to Do During Your First 30 Days of Becoming a Manager

You’re a first-time people manager and it’s day one on the job. What do you do to kick off your life as a new manager and set a strong foundation for how you will grow and work with your team?


From our experience working with managers at all levels, here are our top 5 things to do within the first 30 days of your new role.


1. Bring rookie cookies


It doesn’t have to be cookies, but make something delicious and bring it within your first few days.


This is a great excuse to have your team come by your desk for a treat and say hi. Shoot them a note (be it over email or Slack) about your homemade treats and they’ll come running—trust us. If you need ideas on what to make, here are our favourite (easy-to-make) healthy sweets from the Minimalist Baker.


2. Have a one-on-one with each team member


In each meeting, get to know each of your team member’s goals.


What do they want to accomplish for themselves, their health, and their careers? Ask them about their aspirations and how you can create a work environment that supports that.


TeamCorker Tip: Listen for the easy wins. To show your team that you have their back from the get go, get rid of the little nuances that affect how they do their job. If their pay stubs come late or their desk is positioned in a way that annoys them, that’s a quick fix that’ll go a long way.


3. Sweat with your team


Healthy leaders lead healthy teams. We simply can’t say it enough.


Take your team out for a workout or fitness class. Go for a run together, check out a new fitness class, or better yet, ask each team member what their favourite workout is and check them out together.


This is also a great way for your team to see you in a capacity other than “the boss,” and instead shows that you are a human too. (Who knew!)


4. Meet with other managers in your department or company


Just because you got the promotion to being manager, doesn’t mean you know how to be a manager.


Take some time to ask other people managers about what works (and doesn’t work) for them and their team. What did they do when they first started that made a difference for how their team works together? Other people managers can be a great resource for you to learn from as you start your new manager life.


5. Review the strategy and goals for your department


Meet with your boss and ensure you have all the information you need to go over the current strategy for your team and the work they’ll be doing. Ask your manager about the current goals and plans that are in place for your team. If they come back with, “That’s why you’re here,” this is a great call to action to get your team together and start creating your plan.


If you need help with setting new goals with your team, we’re here to help. Check out our Manager Start Line training program where we’ve built online modules to help you grow as a people leader.



In the first 30 days, you’re given a kind of grace period to ask all the questions you can before you need to start having answers, so use this time to really listen. Listen to your people, your boss, and other managers around you.


Rather than coming in with all the answers, use your first month to come up with all the questions that will help you be more effective in your new role.



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