#53 — What do Vegetables, Skate Skiing + Purple Cows all have in common? Seth Godin!


How do remarkable leaders structure their lives to generate remarkable results?

“Management and leadership are really different things. Leadership is what we call it when we do something that may not work, and when we are not worried about compliance, but we are worried about change instead. And so I have tried very hard to organize my life where I can’t spend much time managing, because if you can spend your day managing your email and telling people what to do, it is safer than leading”

This week on Uncorked, Seth and Steph rif on how food choices, movement and reinventing the team meeting can make you a more remarkable leader in 2019.


+ Seth’s Kitchen Essentials:
1. The Dosa — cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017153…sic-masala-dosa
2. A good Knife — seths.blog/2018/11/an-inconvenient-shopping-list/
3. An outdoor pizza oven, or baking steel to use in your regular oven for better at-home pizza — shop.bakingsteel.com

+ Seth’s Latest book : a.co/d/cjVROYr

+ Check out Linchpin Jobs, where Seth has collaborated with TeamCorker on their first few Job Posts — linchpinjobs.com

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