# 55 — Living an exceptional life w/ Steve Rio

“There are a lot of people working in this model looking for companies that are not just hiring them as straight up contractors, as cogs in a wheel — they are looking for something more than that”

Steve Rio is founder and CEO of Briteweb, a social impact agency delivering strategy, branding and digital, and more recently the CEO and founder of Nature of Work, helping people achieve more productivity, creativity and wellness in their lives.

Steve lives a unique life for a tech entrepreneur, splitting his time between his small hobby farm on Bowen Island and his apartment in the heart of Brooklyn. He spends his spare time engineering and building out his property, working on his orchard, hunting, taking long walks in the woods and jumping in the ocean whenever possible.

Tune in to hear Steve and Steph riff on how to find balance and wellness as an entrepreneur, while simultaneously optimizing productivity and impact with a distributed workforce.

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