#62 — Manifesting your goals and doing the work w/ Matt + Anton Brandt

Matt takes on the role of host this week and chats with his good friend Anton while at The Sacred Fig Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Anton is owner of The Sacred Fig — hosting yoga teacher trainings and beautifully curated retreats world-wide, and next month he is opening the doors to Cocoon, his first retreat centre, located on the coast of Portugal. 


Anton gives insight into his process from attending his first training in India where he realized his life’s purpose, to developing the Sacred Fig, to working through doubt and purchasing the perfect property in Portugal, to finding a partner who embraces and compliments his non-conforming and unconventional way of being.


Tune in to listen in on the friends chat about the power of articulating our goals, the scary, mucky work of self development, staying in the practice, and the joy of facilitating the growth and transformation of others. 

The Sacred Fig: https://www.thesacredfig.com

Cocoon: https://www.cocoonportugal.com

Upcoming Sacred Fig Trainings: 

Portugal 75hr:  August 31 — September 7, 2019

Portugal 200hr:  April 26 — May 20, 2019

Pantelleria 75hr:  June 9 — 16, 2019

Bali 200hr:  February 1 — 24, 2020

Upcoming Sacred Fig Retreats: 

Portugal:  September 28 — October 5, 2019


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