#63 — Inclusivity, creativity and being unapologetically yourself w/ Rachel McBride


“The most disruptive thing you can do in the world today is be yourself” —Urszula Lipsztajn

Rachel is someone who unapologetically shows up herself. She is a strong woman who doesn’t necessarily feel feminine; a talented musician and creative human, and a “genetics nerd” with two graduate degrees, and as an advocate working in the sexual health space. She has also been racing triathlon professionally for over a decade. Spoiler: this podcast is not about race results and training tribulations. It is a conversation about the opinions on gender, on sport and being your most authentic self from one of triathlon’s most interesting women in the world!

Keep up with Rachel:

www.rachelmcbride.com// www.instagram.com/rachelmcb/

Information on a low FODMAP diet if you want to run fast too:


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