#67 — Playing well with others w/ Dages Juvelier Keates

“The political is personal. The personal is practical. The practical is related to embodied daily life” 


Dages and Matt sit down to discuss her evolving role as a yoga teacher, author and radical feminist. New York is where Dages found Katonah Yoga and her teacher Nevine Michaan, but she has taken what she learned across the pond to her new home in Paris, France and continues to plant seeds across Europe with her teacher trainings and intensives. 

For Dages, Katonah Yoga is an open source methodology that can be applied to any yoga practice and to life, a “Philosophical Milieu” of embodiment. Matt and Dages explore the importance of “learning to play your own instrument”, of recognizing and working with our “first and second natures”, so that we can play well with others. Yoga means union, or to yoke, and by knowing our own habits, tendencies, perspectives and biases, we are able to join the orchestra. “We have to listen to each other, we have to see each other, we have to touch eachother — otherwise there is no opportunity for the symphony to come together”. 


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