#68 — The power of ‘and’ w/ Travis McKenzie


“I think I’m still struggling with a loss of identity around athletics … It was very much results driven, now-a-days there isn’t as much of that … When you are racing it’s easier to quantify your results and you can base your success on where you place, or your time, or how your workout went. In regular life there is not as much opportunity to quantify your success. So it’s a combination of a loss of identity and not being able to track success — the success for me now is being able to pursue a growing business that I love” 

As a ‘gravel junky’, dedicated father, wife to a high performing athlete and passionate entrepreneur, Trav is learning to embrace the power of ‘and’. Steph and Trav discuss his change in personal identity from ironman to entrepreneur, the importance of taking time to dedicate to being a dad, and the power in supporting his wife in her own athletic pursuits. 

Trav is founder of InnerVoice, a platform to share the unique, interesting and inspiring stories from the world of endurance sports, and a trusted source for athletes to openly share the struggles, the joys and their journey. Trav is driven by the desire to show the human side of high level athletics. His focus has shifted from performing as an athlete to developing as a creator AND a doer, with the goal of becoming an “executer”, a professional at creating and doing. For Trav, in the time of instant gratification, a proffesional executer is someone who is thoughtful about what, when and why they show up. 


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