#70 — Leaving blood on the page w/ Matt + Steph

“If you’re going to write something, leave blood on the page. If you’re going to share a story from the stage, let it show your humanity” — James Altucher 


Matt + Steph are back together this week on the pod for a life-update and to discuss the power of vulnerability, and the importance baring our humanity when you take the stage (or the mic). They take the time to recap the stages and start lines from the last few months. From the Re/Form Conference in Squamish, to W North in Whistler, to their experience together at the Boston Marathon, with Steph at the start line, and matt on the cheer line. The episode didn’t feel complete without sharing the sticky stuff, the messy bits amongst the highs. Matt opens up about his ongoing journey to starting a family with his husband Chad. The lessons learned around managing expectations, the surrogacy process, and what it feels like to be a gay couple navigating outdated medical forms and language. Steph shares about her health struggles, and how it has been affecting her training and racing. She describes her upcoming surgery, her fear around the unknown, and the challenge in changing her mindset around training, to focus on rest and recovery. 


Listen to get to know a little more about the duo behind The Corker Collective — as they leave some blood on the stage. 



James Altucher’s 10 Rules About Blogging: https://jamesaltucher.com/blog/10-rules-about-blogging/


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