#72 — Raw Beauty Talks w/ Erin Treloar

Erin is a wellness coach and podcast host of ‘Raw Beauty Talks’. Raw Beauty Co. began as a project to photograph women without make-up, photoshop, or filters. Providing a platform for women to show up as they are, and to talk about what happens behind the scenes and below the surface. ‘Raw Beauty Talks’ today is an ongoing conversation about beauty, confidence and self-love. Erin acknowledges that, for her, and for the women she is in conversation with, this is an ever changing and evolving journey. 

“Over the years I have come to understand that I can create space between the thoughts in my head, and now I can observe them, and that alone can reduce my reaction to them. It can allow me space and time to shift the narrative in my head into something that is more empowering. And I am at a totally different place now with my body, where I can view it as a tool that allows me to experience life”.

Self-love isn’t just an emotion we feel — it takes work, attention, and nurturing. “I like to think of self-love as a verb or an action we take towards ourselves rather than just an emotion we are waiting to feel … If we look at it as a verb or an action it becomes something we have control over”. 

Ultimately, Erin wants us to become empowered around our health and well-being, to know what works for us and what doesn’t, without additional stress or obsession about whether we are doing it “right”.


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