#73 — The issue with change w/ Matt + Steph

Matt + Steph take the mic this week to riff on the idea of change. When is change hard and when is it easy? Why do we resist change? When is it time to make a change and to disrupt the status quo?

Change is easy when it moves us closer to our goals. When something we thought was impossible becomes possible. The work in change management, is to paint a picture of the future that is worth living into. Change doesn’t need to be hard or easy, but rather an unshackling of what has been.

Matt explains why the idea that we need to have it all figured out before we take the leap, results in stagnation and inaction. And for this reason, the time to act is always now. The time is now, because the perfect time doesn’t exist. We never know what the result of change will be, or where our decision will take us, but the unknown shouldn’t result in paralysis, because these disorienting dilemmas are key to true transformation.


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