#74 — Soulful entrepreneurship, decolonization, and leadership w/ Jacqueline Jennings

“My vision for the future is that we need more and better leaders”

Jacqueline Jennings joins Steph on the pod this week. Jacqueline is coach to conscious leaders, business consultant, a group facilitator and a facilitator of decolonization practices. Steph riffs with Jacqueline about her ‘Soulful Entrepreneur: Ranch Retreat’, how they came to be, and how they fit within he along-term vision. Jacqueline’s ultimate mission is to support people in remembering that we are not separate from each other, from nature, or from the source, and her retreats are an extension of this goal. 

“It’s hard to let go of limiting beliefs because they serve us, and there of lots of reasons why they show up. But there is a simplicity to letting them go, and then seeing what is possible when we are coming from a place of wholeness. It’s mind-blowing”.

Listen to the full episode to hear why Jacqueline thinks we are all leaders, how she is raising a little human to be conscious in today’s world, and why she made the shift in her career from a successful Executive Assistant to her current role working with soulful entrepreneurs and businesses. 


Q + A w/ Jacqueline

Your favorite podcast to listen to?

That’s Not How That Works Podcast

Your must-read book?

Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown

Your go-to inspirational follow on the ‘gram?


Song on repeat?

I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd

Biggest, juiciest goal you are almost too scared to say out loud… 😉

(but you can do it! we believe in you!)

We have Lululemon and MEC as Decolonizing Practices clients for year long engagements by October 2019 (Eeeeeeeeeee!)



Follow Jacqueline on instagram: @jacqueline.d.jennings

Soulful Entrepreneur: Ranch Retreat: http://www.jacquelinejennings.com/se-retreat-ranch

Decolonizing Practices: https://decolonizingpractices.org/

Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Maree Brown


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