#75 — Pain, slowing down + watching waves w/ Hiroko Demichelis

“I don’t think that many of us are truly honest about pain. And about the fact that we truly do experience pain, if not daily, weekly… The most useful thing that I can share is normalizing pain, so that we can soften into it. So that when we experience psychological pain, instead of wanting to push it away or wanting to attack it with strategies, we can soften into it and create space and capacity for it. ” 

Hiro is a registered clinical counsellor, a certified expert in the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback, a positive physiology master, and a brain enthusiast. This week she sits down with Steph to talk about pain, Mondays, what gummy bears mean to her, and why we all need to meditate and slow down. Hiro uses the word lab because she believes in the power of curiosity. She explains that to be curious, we need to slow down and say no — “In slowing down I will get there faster”. Hiro has discovered that it is not the meditation itself that brings advantages, but the curiosity that we cultivate through meditation that brings about the benefits; the decreased stress, the improved sleep, and the increased levels of psychological wellbeing. And Hiro is now truly interested in discovering how those benefits for the self can be used to impact community as a tool for social justice; using mediation to become less preoccupied with the self and more interested in helping others.  

“The more I surrender and soften within pain, the more I create capacity to be resilient and ultimately to be joyful and compassionate. So it is a message of life, of flow, of flourishing”. 



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