#79 — Summer goals and galavanting w/ Matt + Steph

“As an athlete you would never just build. You recover. You work hard, and you recovery hard.” 

Matt and Steph are back at the mic this week to talk summer vacation and summer goals. TeamCorker is OOO (Out of Office, or Only Operating Outdoors) this week, and the pair reflect on why we decided to commit to one week offline.  

There is something beautiful about shutting down. When a weekend doesn’t feel like long enough to recharge, its time to extend the break, and come back feeling fresh. A change in routine and a period of rest can be an opportunity to re-evaluate or recommit to the goals you set in January. 

Time off means different things to different people. “Do whatever allows you to feel recharged, to generate new ideas, and to give yourself space both physically and mentally to dream, to meander, to get lost. Because that is so healthy for us as humans, especially in a constantly connected environment.” 

June is 6 months into 2019 and it’s a great time to reflect. You have 6 months left for your 1 year goals. “All of those good intentions that look like goals, now need to either be put into action to become goals, or taken off the list. Because a good intention has no space on a goal sheet.” What can you celebrate? What have you have accomplished that gets you closer to your 5 year vision? What goals have you not accomplished yet that are still important to you? What goals can you take off the list that are no longer a priority? “Are the goals left on the goal sheet worthy of the next 6 months? Or do they need to be evaluated?” And if you didn’t achieve a goal in the first 6 months, but it is still important to you, its not time to give up on that goal, but to recommit and decide what you need to double down on. A goal you haven’t accomplished, is only a goal you haven’t accomplished YET. 

How do we renovate our relationship with time to have access to the outdoors this summer? What tweaks can you make to maximize the next couple of months of glorious sunshine? 

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