#80 — Utility, passion + embracing change w/ David Labistour

“Today is the slowest things are going to be”

On this week’s episode of Uncorked, Steph sits down with the outgoing CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op, David Lebistour, to look back at what came before his 11 years as CEO, and to look forward to life after MEC. David’s career was not one he could have foreseen, but one common denominator throughout his life has been his openness to change. 

“If you are open to life as it comes at you, it gives opportunities to go to places that you would never had dreamed of” 

From his early aspirations of becoming a professional surf-sailor, to working as a designer in South Africa, to immigrating to Canada in his 40s and struggling to find work, to eventually finding a career than aligned with his passion at MEC, David has lived a life full of unpredictable change and adventure, and he has no plans to slow down. Since surrendering to the reality that a career as a professional athlete was not in the cards, David has remained committed to continue learning into adulthood. He has taken on a new athletic pursuit every 5 years since moving to Canada, embracing the activities that British Columbia has to offer. 

“If I look back on my life, I’ve always striven to be of use, utility, and value, but at the same time, I’ve always maintained a very strong passion in my life. And those two have very seldom been the same thing. My career and my passion have not always aligned, but I’ve always had a very strong passion for the activities that have been part of my life the whole way through … MEC is probably the only time in my life where my passion + my career have lined-up”. 

David’s Book Recommendation: 

Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl

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