#81 — Don’t be a Jerk at Work w/ Sandy Gunn

Steph sits down with Sandy Gunn this week, a fellow recruiter and podcast host, to discuss what it means to be a jerk at work, and why we all need to be a little more human in the office. Sandy decided to start a podcast as a way for 3 friends in HR to sit down together and to share their stories and the lessons they had learned with a wider audience. The ultimate goal of the pod is to help others become better workplace humans, and to ask the question “How am I being a jerk at work?”. 

Check out Sandy’s pod ‘Don’t be a Jerk at Work’ (hosted w. Tara Kemes and Sarah Markwick)


Q + A w/ Sandy

1. Favorite podcast you listen to?

Show Your Work + The Knowledge Project

2. Must-read book?

So many must read books! Here are 2 (I’m so indecisive!): Becoming — Michelle Obama + Educated  — Tara Westover

3. App that you would NOT delete from your phone?

The NY Times Crossword app

4. Summer vacation plans!? 

Big trip (Japan) has already been checked off the list this year. This summer, we have a weekend away in Kelowna (to celebrate a wedding) and a weekend away on Hornby Island.

5. One big 2019 juicy goal that you have left to cross off the list?

Successfully completing my learning experience at Royal Roads (Executive Coaching Program) – I finish on November 29th

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