#84 — Level Up w/ Shanique Kelly aka DJ Softieshan



Shanique Kelly is a DJ and event producer in Vancouver, she runs Intersessions YVR, and throws her own monthly parties in Vancouver. Shanique began her DJ career by attending the first ever Intersessions workshop, a series which aims to bring light to the gender disparity in electronic music. Since this serendipitous beginning, Shanique has gone on to run the Vancouver Intersessions Workshops, and now produces her own parties, ‘Level Up’, a monthly queer rap, hip hop and r&b dance party. 

Shanique’s passion is in creating safe spaces for people who are part of marginalized communities, whether they are people of colour or part of the queer community. After DJing for other event producers and club owners, Shanique noticed the trend of tokenism, and was inspired to create her own event with a focus on hiring people of colour and members of the LGBTQ+ community. By curating these events thoughtfully, and purposefully, her parties have become spaces for people who don’t always feel safe or comfortable. 

Listen in to hear Matt and Shanique chat about dealing with imposter syndrome, how to avoid tokenism, and the importance of representation.

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