#86 — Feminism, fasting, and formulation w/ Christopher Gavigan




From Patagonia, to co-founding The Honest Company, to Founder and CEO of Prima, Christopher Gavigan has stayed committed to his core values of feminism, environmentalism, and innovation throughout his career. 

“Outside of the work I do for the environment, and for health, the third leg of that stool, and probably the most important, is how do I uplift the female and the feminine in today’s world.”

Chris is fiercely passionate about what we put in, on, and around our bodies. The Honest Company was started to provide families with safe products that perform. Chris’ latest business venture, Prima, is an innovative, clean, and sustainable hemp-CBD company. It is a brand that reflects Chris’ evolving knowledge of science and his shifting perspective on what wellness truly is. Prima works to combat the unavoidable stress of living in the modern world with formulas that contain meaningful levels of active ingredients.

“Stress is a social toxicant. Its wreaking havoc on our bodies, and our brains, and our relationships, and we live in a modern day world and culture where we can’t modulate against certain types of stressors”. 

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