#87 — Teff and trail Running w/ Alicia Woodside




Alicia Woodside is the founder of Teffle Waffles, an accomplished ultra-runner, and a technical writer for a local tech company. She is the epitome of what it means to hustle for your dreams. Her day job funds her entrepreneurial dreams of bringing nutritionally dense and protein rich frozen teff-waffles to grocery stores. When she isn’t writing about tech, or slinging waffles in her industrial kitchen, Alicia is running amongst the trees, preferably fast, and with a teammate by her side.  

Her most recent accomplishment is her FKT (fastest known time)of the West Coast Trail, covering 75km or terrain in 11.5 hours. This run, along with her FKT of the Howe Sound Trail are her two proudest athletic accomplishments, because of her speed, but also because they were completed with a friend and teammate by her side. Alicia firmly believes that a teammate makes her runs more fun and meaningful, and also result in her best times. 

Alicia credits her career path to asking herself the question; “What would I do for free … what would I commit to doing every weekday for the next ten years that I’d be willing to do without getting paid”. 

Look out for Alicia’s Teffles in the Nester’s freezer aisle as she makes the jump from local farmer’s markets to major grocery stores.

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Book Alicia is reading: Alone on the Wall — By Alex Honnald 


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