#88 — Run the mile you’re in w/ Lisa Bentley



Lisa Bentley is a speaker, author, and 11-time IRONMAN champion. She is one of the most decorated Canadian triathletes, and has remained heavily involved in sport since her retirement from professional competition in 2010. Lisa is known for her contagious smile, and describes how she found joy in the hard stuff; “I’m not saying racing was an easy thing. But at the core of it, I loved what I did. I would get to the start-line, or wake up on race-day and say to myself, there is nothing else I would rather be doing” 

Lisa and Steph riff on how Lisa has stayed involved in the sport she loves during retirement, and how the lessons she learned as a professional athlete translate into her life today. For as long as she can remember, it was ingrained in Lisa not to quit. She attributes this lesson to much of her success in sport, but also acknowledges that she has had to learn to be kinder to herself, loving herself enough to sometimes let herself off the hook. She hopes to see people love triathlon as much as she does, and hopes that people don’t lose their joy in becoming too regimented. Lisa gave Steph the advice years ago to “Run the mile you’re in”, and both Steph and Lisa find this lesson to hold true in all aspects and stages of life. 

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