#92 — The capacity of community w/ Dr Yvonne McSkimming






Dr Yvonne McSkimming is the Executive Director of Synergy, a community-based organization that builds partnerships with local Vancouver charities to support cooperative programming and to help sustain community programs. They put on local events that celebrate and showcase West coast artisans while strengthening community. 


Synergy is run purely by volunteers dedicated to community capacity building. Yvonne believes that “in order for people to have a sense of empathy, a sense of place, and a sense of belonging, you have to come to the table not with you hand reaching out for something, but your hand extending to give something”.


Yvonne’s deep belief in the power of connection has kept her committed to Synergy and their mission. 

“We need to spend time with each other, we need the face-to-face. You need to break bread with people … you need to spend time with people to understand that everyone brings something to the table”


Check out the rad work Synergy is doing:



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