#94 — Healing and herbs w/ Akeem Pierre




Akeem Pierre is the founder of Rich Sol Foods, selling ancestral healing products from St Lucia. Akeem found the healing powers of plants after he suffered from a basketball injury as he was meant to be reaching peak performance. Since then, his knowledge of healing products have expanded into a business, a plant-based lifestyle, and a reconnection with his roots in St. Lucia. 


Akeem and Steph riff on how his relationship with movement, food, and mindfulness have evolved since his days as an athlete, and how he has become more attuned to his body and his desires. He distills it down to asking yourself the questions:


What are you eating? Is it in-line with how you want to feel?


What are you thinking? Is it in-line with how you want to feel?


How are you moving your body? Is it in-line with how you want to feel?

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A fav podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/million-dollaz-worth-of-game/id1460157002


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Akeem on the ‘gram: https://akeempierre.com


Check out Akeem’s retreats and healing products: https://akeempierre.com


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