#95 — Get to know Steph Corker w/ Thom Brennan





Thom Brennan, friend of TeamCorker, challenged Steph to flip the script and field the questions on this week’s pod. Steph agreed to sit in the hot seat, letting us into her world and revealing the things we won’t find out about her online. We know Steph lives a life full of training, recruiting, and coaching, but tune in to hear what Steph does to wind down and to feel as though life is in balance.


Thom dives into Steph’s strategies to remain upbeat when things get tough, how she feels reflecting back on 5 years of The Corker Collective, and the ups and downs of starting a business.


“I think what doesn’t land on the vision, are the tough times. You don’t wish for things to be hard. And sometimes you don’t really know how they’ll turn out, or what they will look like. It would be remiss for me to say it’s always been easy, because it hasn’t.”


Steph is known around town to be relentlessly positive and an exceptional cheerleader in supporting others in accomplishing their goals. But she reveals that she doesn’t feel like she is always positive, but rather focuses on staying in her own lane, avoiding comparison and doing good work her way.


“It’s a lot easier to be positive and remain positive when you are on top and when you are winning. The responsibility of running a company feels enormous and while I totally choose it, it can be hard — because you look around and wonder … where are the other cheerleaders?”


Steph talks about moving through fear in creating something new, and relates it to The Corker Collectives latest offering, ‘The Now What’— taking on the challenge of creating a course that allows people to move from feeling stuck to feeling like things are totally possible. 


“The law of gravity pulling us down to be mediocre, or to settle, or to not create something new is really real.”

Show Links:


The Now What:https://www.thecorkercollective.com/portfolio_page/3258/

Steph on the ‘gram: https://www.instagram.com/steph_corker/

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