#96 — Ask us anything w/ Matt + Steph




Matt and Steph are back behind the mic together for an ‘ask us anything’ edition of Uncorked. 


They discuss the perception of TeamCorker as ‘so dang positive’, but offer that they both relate more strongly to a commitment to the world of possibility rather than positivity. Matt explains that we can think positively, or manifest our dreams, but urges listeners to consider the work in between the meditation cushion and the attainment of meaningful results.


“The practice of seeing people, situations, and circumstances through a lens of possibility — I resonate more with. It gives me not only the ability to see something differently, but it also gives me the responsibility. It’s my job to see the possibility of it.”


The brother and sister duo recognize that life gets tough, and it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but possibility is a tool we can choose to navigate it. 


Despite Team Corker’s commitment to crafting lives we love, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Matt challenges us and listeners to ask ourselves:


“How can we play to and offer our strengths? Strengths being the things we are good at and we find fulfillment in — it doesn’t mean they are easy”.


Matt explains that it’s about managing our weaknesses well — using our strengths to manage our weaknesses. And they riff on the importance of asking for help, using the strengths of those around us to avoid the overwhelm that can occur between the start and finish line.


Tune in to hear what goals Steph and Matt are hoping to cross of the list before the end of the year, and of course the things that are currently making their hearts beat faster.

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