#97 — Sledding, spontaneity and vision-boards w/ Jacki Carr





Jacki Carr is a goal coach, and motivational speaker. Jacki and Steph met 10 years ago, when Jacki was creating the vision of the life she lives today. Tune in to hear her describe how she lives into her goals and vision, while remaining spontaneous and present for her loved ones. They riff on Jacki’s ability to create so much and so often, and why busy doesn’t always need to carry a negative connotation; 


“I do well being busy. Busy is only a bad word when I have exceeded my time limit in a certain domain, i.e. career, and not spent time with my family. Or busy when it’s out of alignment with my values”. 


Jackie attributes her ability to create so prolifically to honouring her weird, honouring her busy, and honouring her relationship which supports her in doing it all. Despite this love of being in the flow, she still gets stuck all the time; 


“When I get stuck, I have to ask myself: am I being of service, am I honouring my whole self?” 


They talk what it means to have a goal and vision, and how to embrace when it changes and evolves – failing up, and deciding what’s next. From morning routines, to spontaneity as ritual, Jacki is living her bliss and we hope she inspires you to do the same. 

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