# 98 — Feelings and five-year goals w/ Ashley Brodeur






Ashley Brodeur is the founder of feelosophy and is currently based in Toronto after starting her business in Vancouver. Ashley and Steph discuss the process of moving a business from the west coast to the east coast, the power of goals, and the importance of rest. 


Ashley explains her thinking around rest days, and changing our mentality from just resting our physical bodies, to resting our mental and emotional selves as well. Even when we skip the gym, we are often still turned-on and mentally stimulated — we can take these days to break our patterns and to put away our phones and computer.


“You create your own reality in terms of what you choose to digest in the way of content”. 


When Ashley moved from Vancouver to Toronto last year, she found freedom in the reality that feelosophy will continue to thrive in Vancouver while she builds it up in Toronto. 


“I never wanted feelosophy to be about Ashley Brodeur, I wanted it to be about rest, and connection, and slowing down, and touch. And because of that other people can teach it, it doesn’t just have to be me”. 


Being in the yoga and wellness space, Ash talks about avoiding the comparison trap by using her 5 year vision to re-focus on herself and what she is working towards. 


Listen in to hear about Ashley’s year of growth in 2020 and where you can find the feelosophy space in Toronto. 



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