#99 — How to have perfect vision in 2020 w/ Matt + Steph





Matt and Steph kick-off 2020 together at the mic, talking goal setting, avoiding guilt and shame around the new year and why the context of your goals matter. 


“How do we set goals so that are not fixing the past — but so that we are creating the future we want to live into.”


Matt and Steph riff on what it means to change our relationship with judgement, accepting the tough moments, while having the vision to see what is possible in the future. What Matt sees in many of his coaching clients is the desire for freedom, and therefore goals can go beyond weight loss or making more money and rather focus on what will get us unstuck and living into possibility. The context in which we make our goals matter – if we are in a place of fear, doubt, guilt or shame, we will be driven by our desire for approval and our goals won’t serve us. 


Tune in to hear when and how Matt and Steph set goals, why we shouldn’t make goals out of personal development work, and how to unleash your strengths this year. 

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