Disrupt HR YVR — stay tuned in 2020!



The Corker Collective is proud to host the only DisruptHR event in BC.

Stay tuned for our 2020 event announcement!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

We’re with Einstein on this one.

Traditional HR and leadership practices are broken. The same processes, initiatives, and way of doing things have been repeated for decades and it’s led to overworked, depressed, and disconnected workforces.

We’re changing that. We want creative ideas and different results to help put your people plan as the most important indicator to a healthy and profitable bottom line.

And that is why DisruptHR has created a platform to host these provocative conversations.

The Corker Collective is hosting the one and only DisruptHR YVR of 2020 to bring together a community of people leaders–HR professionals, CEOs, technologists, and business leaders–for a buzzing night of presentations with a purpose to shift the way we work. People matter the most and this is the event to share your disruptive practice on how you’re transforming the workplace.

Registration opens Spring 2020!

Should I attend?

You don’t need to be an HR professional to attend or speak at DisruptHR YVR. You do need to be passionate about the future of work and bringing human experiences into the workplace; to care that your leadership, in any area of the business, can impact someone’s life; and you do need to have an open mind and a curious spirit.

What can I expect?

The Talks

+ 8 – 10 speakers share their disruptive practices.

+ 5 minutes on the clock.

+ 15 second slide rotations to keep the conversation moving.

#pressureison #timeintegrity

Think TED Talks mixed with a Pecha Kucha-inspired style of talks. They’re fast and we promise they will leave you with key takeaways on bringing disruptive ideas to life at your organization.

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