Facilitator Lab — March 2019

The Facilitator Lab is a 4 part program designed to train current and future leaders of workshops and development sessions. It is a place to share issues, ideas, and test out best practices without clients or participants demanding you to be the best.

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This Program Covers:

+ the role and skills of an impactful facilitator

+ unique ways to present content and conversations for different people in different environments

+ structure, structure, structure – a scalable template for hosting 1hr – 8 hr sessions

+ time to test it all out and get feedback from both participants and instructor

+ bonus: TeamCorker’s insider tips


Can I register for only one of the sessions and not the other three?
No. It won’t make as much sense and will be a waste of your time and money. (That’s not our style.)

How many people are in this training?
Our max is 14 people for this training because we want to keep things nice and intimate.

I really want to work with TeamCorker in the future / I have goals to be a training facilitator – should I come to this?
Yes yes 100% yes!

Will we cover how to facilitate online training/webinars at all?
The training will mainly focus on in-person experiences, yet the same frameworks and principles have helped us in creating and managing our own online training programs.

I don’t currently (or want to) work in HR / Leadership development, yet I still find myself facilitating team meetings or off sites, hosting workshops at conferences, and being asked to train people at work.
You should come to this.

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