Going AWOL Is Exactly What Everyone Needs – Here’s Why

Outside of the boardroom is where the magic of Team Corker comes alive. We are committed to creating whole life experiences and this often happens when people get out of their day-to-day and are given the space to breathe, move, connect, and get curious.


This past week, we partnered up with Aaron and Amy from Movement108 to create AWOL: A Weekend Of Leisure. We brought 14 people up to the Sunshine Coast to enjoy good food, great outdoor workouts, and activities that taught us about each other and ourselves.


Everything was intentionally curated and crafted to make sure participants could fully enjoy themselves. The real magic, however, is what each participant brought to the experience. Honest conversations, hilarious stories by the fire, quiet reflection in the forest, and encouraging words as we ran up hills or completed a challenge before us.


A huge thank you to all those that attended. We are already dreaming up what’s next with Movement108. In the meantime, here’s a look into what the weekend had in store:

Downward dogs in the sun by the coast? Don’t mind if we do.


Delicious, healthy food for the whole weekend? Yes, please!


Getting our sweat on!


Our favourite kinds of walks are through the forest.


With these views!


Ending each day with a beauty of a view and one heck of a crew.


If you want to create a whole life experience for your team this summer, let us know. We’ll craft something glorious with you!

Meet Matt. He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

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