#76 — The highs + lows of entrepreneurship, + cultivating curiosity w/ Avni Patel Thompson


This week on the pod, Avni joins Steph to talk all things entrepreneurship. After working in the corporate sphere for 10 years, Avni made the jump from working for Adidas in Shanghai into the fast-paced world of start-ups. 

Avni’s first venture gave her a crash course in entrepreneurship, and over those first ten months, the seeds for her next project, ‘Poppy’, we sown. Anvi explains that entrepreneurship is like walking a tight rope between curiosity and discipline. The obsession with the concept of ‘Poppy’ stemmed from the idea that “everyone says it takes a village to raise a child, but none of us have a village anymore. And so, what would it take to leverage technology to be able to build some semblance of a village”. 

After 4 years of Poppy, the scalability of the business broke down, and she decided to call it. Anvi reflects that, “sometimes it is the better and right thing to call it. And that doesn’t mean everything is lost … This is what trying looks like. You have a bold vision in your head, and you give it a shot, you give it your all in the most responsible way you can. And sometimes it doesn’t work”. While quitting is often the hardest thing to do, Avni remains obsessed with answering the question: “How do we make the lives of working mothers easier?”, and her heart is beating faster as she dives into her next entrepreneurial pursuit. 

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