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Strategic Goal Setting

We lead experiences that help drive senior leadership to clarify their strategic plans. This is both in terms of what the direction of the company is and what takes priority in getting there. Using an OKR and vision-based model, we invite leaders to consider:

Why does our business exist?

What do you want / not want in the future?

What declared goals will help us get there?

Organizational Design + Workforce Planning


We evaluate your org structure, your existing and planned roles, and your financial strategy to map out what investments need to be made and when in order to set you up for future success. This includes:

Identifying functional responsibilities and key metrics

Creating org structures to show growth and restructuring over time

Mapping out a hiring timeline based on fiscal budget

Onboarding Program Creation


Using our onboarding framework, we create a customized onboarding experience that can then be delivered in house. We look at the first three months of a new employees journey and map out the key touch points required for the employee to succeed. This includes:

What role the hiring manager plays in the onboarding process

+ What support is required from other teams or functions in the first three months

+ What the new hire is responsible for in their own onboarding experience

+ How this can scale or by systematized for periods of growth / volume hiring

“Team Corker has been a seamless addition to our leadership team and helped define our path forward. We are a positive and passionate high performing team – Matt and Steph fit in because they are just like us!”

– GORDON DEVIN, CEO, Spiritual Gangster

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