The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

 because when life works, work works

’Tis the Season of Love!

It takes a special kind of partnership to manage the hustle and bustle of work, life, kids, and play. #TeamCorker knows that a strong partnership makes a business run, yet these four Vancouver couples know that it takes an even greater relationship to be both partners in work and partners for life.

These couples remind us that when life works, work works and there is no separation to what makes our hearts beat.

In the name of celebrating businesses run with love, let us introduce you to a few of our favourite Heartthrobs:

MEGHAN + ZACH BERMAN — The Juice Truck

How do you stay healthy together?

M: We’ve always worked out together and it’s easy to eat healthy spending our days at The Juice Truck. We especially loved Tight Club pre-wedding and honeymoon. One of my other favourite couple workouts is boxing at All City Athletics.

Z: Food is everything for us. Food can fuel you and keep you healthy or do the opposite and make you lethargic and sick. We love eating a plant-based diet and experimenting with the million ways to cook and flavour whole foods, grains, vegetables and fruits. Working out together is always fun too. We love Tight Club, All City Athletics and the Distrikt 🙂

What’s the best part about working together?

M: That we’re in control of our own destiny and that were creating a legacy for our future juice babies! Plus who better to celebrate your highs and lows with then your partner.

Z: I always know that Meghan has our best interest in mind. This creates an immense amount of trust. When you know you have the same goal in mind, it’s easier to accomplish whatever it is we’re working on.

How do you celebrate?

M: With a special dinner out or a weekend away. We love quick weekend escapes to Portland or The Sunshine Coast.

Z: Everyday. Celebrate the small victories. We’re lucky to be able to work together. Acknowledging each other and the work that’s getting done lets us feel positive about all the small things that lead to the bigger things.

What do you love most about your partner?

M: Zach is the nicest person in the world but he also has no problem asking for what we wants, he’s a pusher. That can be a tricky balance but he’s mastered it. He also will stop at nothing to make me happy and I love him for it!

Z: Megs is a warrior. A loving warrior. It’s good to have those on your side.

KATE + JEAN-PIERRE LeBLANC — Co-Founders of Saje

How did it begin?

K: I have a distinct memory of us talking about our future, and Jean-Pierre asking me if I would like to create a life where we worked together. I remember him saying that what he saw in relationships around us was that the pair became like ships in the night, and ended up ‘bringing home the leftovers for each other’. We made a decision in that moment to craft our lives so that we lived and worked together, and have done that ever since.

J-P: When I met Kate, I didn’t know about the word dharma, but I knew I was passionate about helping people do what they love. I saw her working really hard at 28 years old as vice president of a company, earning too little and working too much. I asked her if she wanted to be a partner in a business where she could realize her true gifts, and she agreed to join me. We didn’t want to give each other the dregs of ourselves, whatever was remaining after our career took the stuffing out of us.

What do you do when things get challenging?

K: Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has become foundational for us. We read it every day to read it to remember that everything is perfect, that we’re safe, that the universe has our highest good in mind, even when we’re afraid that it doesn’t. We just need to have faith and believe that everything will turn out exactly as it should. When things get challenging, we remind each other of that.

J-P: We’re not afraid to ask for outside help, and not afraid to help each other, either.

When a situation feels challenging to me, the mantra I use is “what would the wise and peaceful version of myself do?” I consciously focus on not slipping into the shadowy side of my personality and make sure I am showing up well in the situation.

What does the new “date night” look like?

K: Traditionally Friday was Family Date Night, and no matter what was going on, we would get together for dinner and a movie. Now that has evolved because we spend so much more time together in Whistler, but one of my favourite date nights is when Jean-Pierre and I play our favourite music and play chess. We used to play chess when we first met and then we actually stopped because we were so competitive. We’ve come back to it in the last few years and are less competitive and enjoy the process more. He beats me more often than not, but I’m okay with that!

J-P: Date night can look anything like a dinner at our favourite restaurant to a little Netflix indulgence, to a weekend in LA, to a game of chess. We’ve played chess for years, and we’ve taken turns at winning enough that it’s not really about that anymore, it’s about how much fun we have together.

What do you love most about your partner?

K: I love his energy and enthusiasm for life. He invests so much energy in our relationship and his own growth. He’s always reinventing himself, which is very inspiring to me. He cares so much about people, and I get to be one of those people.

J-P: She is the most extraordinary combination of smart and beautiful that I’ve ever encountered.

ANDREA + CHRIS SCOTT — Co-Founders of Skoah

Best part about working together?

A: You have the same goals in life. But more than that because the trust part of the relationship is solid, with the other person knowing how you feel about them, it isn’t necessary to be quite as careful with your words. Direct, open and to the point conversations are natural.

C: Collaborating on creating a culture that we can both be proud of.

Favorite Champagne moment?

A: In the moment I didn’t feel like champagne, but when all 4 of our kids were born it was an incredible moment x 4!

C: Andrea winning 2016 Veuve Cliquot Canadian entrepreneur of the year.

What do you do when things get challenging?

A: It can often be successful to communicate by writing out one’s thoughts versus talking through them. Sometime writing thoughts out in the form of a letter forces the other to listen first and not listen to respond.

C: Trust each other, lean in and work through it.

What do you love most about your partner?

A: Chris has a more focused mind than I do. I admire that. He can really hash through a project with relentless focus. And Chris is very fun to vision with and paint a future picture of life and Skoah. I also admire Chris’ ability to build a system around an idea I may have. This makes for a very powerful partnership in business and marriage.

C: Her passion, drive, resilience, ingenuity, and creativity.

JAMIE + SHARON ARMSTRONG — Co-Founders of Method Indoor Cycling

How did it begin?

S: We met at the finish line after the half knee knacker. Mud on my face and dirt in my teeth, Jamie introduced himself to me. There was just something about him.

J: I first laid eyes on Simms on the start line of a gnarly trail race. It was a wet and muddy day. I ran fast that day because I wanted to beat her to the finish line and chat her up! 🙂

Favorite Champagne moment?

S: My favourite champagne moment was the opening of Method Kits. No matter what crazy plan he comes up with, I trust and believe in him.

J: We celebrate often. Mostly small stuff. We’ll take any excuse to crack a bottle and “celebrate” so we often say “cheers to selling out a spin class today!” But my favorite champagne moment would be doing Ironman Canada together in 2007. She proved to me (not that she needed to) just how tough and committed she can be. #keeper

How do you integrate work life with home life?

S: No problem. Check! Jamie and I want the girls to be involved in the business and they like coming to the gym so integrating both seems to just happen naturally. Balancing the two, now that’s the challenging part. There is a lot with two studios, two busy little girls, full classes — and then I go and throw some stunt days in there too. I think being able to laugh at some of the gong show days helps!

J: Loaded question!!! We can’t stop talking about our business at home. We can’t stop talking about our kids, Sharon’s stunts, clients, Kitsilano location, expansion, training, etc…It’s just so easy balancing all the balls we have in the air…NOT.

It sometimes gets us tangled in disagreement. It’s hard when you come home from your day (tired) and we’re so passionate about Method that we want to talk about it but then it sometimes leads into heated discussions. We usually always come through it better for it. Usually…. 🙂

What do you love most about your partner?

S: I love Jamie’s infectious outgoing personality. He inspires me to want to make a difference, an impact. I love that Jamie can make an instant connection with pretty much anyone. I wasn’t supposed to be at that race in deep cove that day, but I’m so happy I was.

J: I LOVE Sharon’s smile. I LOVE her energy, attitude, athleticism, caring heart and overwhelming willingness to put everyone else before her. But what I love most about her is the work she has done to get over her own “hurdles” in life. It’s inspiring and I’m so glad she chose me to be the one to walk forward with.

Meet Steph. She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

Steph Corker

Meet Steph. She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

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