What Do Vitamins And Leadership Development Have In Common?

What Do Vitamins And Leadership Development Have In Common?

There are three things I know for sure:

  • I take my morning vitamins to prevent future illness and allow me to live my very best each day. Surprisingly, it is very hard to overdose on Vitamin D via pill form, yet whenever I’m in Hawaii, somehow my skin has no problem absorbing it in abundance (with the tan/ burn lines to prove it).
  • I work in an industry that is overly saturated, in high demand, and where our competitors have no problem charging a standard recruiting fee of 33% of a candidate’s salary. (WTFrance!) Did you know there are over 115 recruiting agencies in Vancouver, BC alone? The trouble with this statistic is that it is both true and mediocre. Quality standards do not need to be high in order for these agencies to thrive. Or most upsetting is that for as long as manager-engagement scores remain low, recruiters will always have a pool of talent to fish from.
  • I believe that never ever ever has there been a time where more possibility exists. It has never been easier to launch something great or fail miserably. There has never been more choice available; and consequently the lack of permanence and stability is at an all-time high.


So what do vitamins, recruiting fees, and an abundance of options have in common? Let me tell you!

We take small, daily doses of vitamins as a preventative measure. When we don’t take preventative measures with our people, we pay large recruiting fees to fill in the gaps they create when they leave. And when options are abundant, people are keen to make the switch.

One option we stand behind is investing in developing your people managers. Supervisors are proven to have the largest impact on employee performance and retention — and also help create and stabilize your culture. The Manager Start Line is our online management training program aimed at developing high-performance people leaders. And, while we proudly tout a 20% fee for the recruiting work we do, the cost of the Manager Start Line program is roughly 2% of a manager’s salary.So — would you rather…

  • spend 20% of an employee’s salary to hire them, or spend 2% to make them better?
  • invest 2% of their compensation toward their growth or countless hours (really!) in internal hiring conversations that cost you in both time and in decreased output?


We are willing to see our recruiting business completely suffer because people will be so engaged at work that they won’t want to take our call to hear about that new opportunity any longer. Because when companies and leaders radically commit to their people — giving them the proverbial vitamins they need to grow and prosper at work — it becomes more than just another retention or cost-savings strategy. It’s what builds your company as an employer people will flock to.


That’s all it takes.

Have you taken your vitamins today?

Meet Steph. She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

Steph Corker

Meet Steph. She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

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